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The Free Surfer is a surf magazine, surf blog and surfing community. We provide brutally honest gear reviews, helpful tips and an insight into the world of surf-addiction. 


Everything on the site is written by real surfers, for real surfers. As an independent magazine, we have no brand loyalties… so will always deliver the gritty truth!


For a long time, the site was pretty much a one-man show. But hey, good news! I’ve now pulled together a pretty awesome crew. Between us, we have literally spent decades in the water. Scroll on to meet the team…

Meet The Team!


Owner & Shr-editor

Hi, I’m Fraser – welcome to The Free Surfer!


Over the years I’ve surfed my way around the world, from Hawaii to Portugal and everywhere in between. I’m super passionate about surfing, travelling and testing new gear (you should see my garage).


The Free Surfer started as a place to share my surfing escapades. It’s now packed full of reviews, advice and stories from my adventures – enjoy!


Writer & Product Tester

Born and raised in Switzerland, Pascal took up skiing and snowboarding from a very young age. Surfing came pretty naturally after that!


After travelling all over Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and The America’s, Pascal is pretty experienced when it comes to surf destinations. He has written for various surf magazines, captured waves all around the world and even competed for a couple of years. 


Product Tester

Dan is an experienced surf instructor from California. He has a near-perfect knowledge of surfboard shapes and specs. When not out in the water, you’ll find him in the workshop. Got a question about boards? He’s your man!


Team Mascot

What Is A Free Surfer?

Free surfers focus purely on the enjoyment of the sport, without participating in contests or adhering to strict rules. We seek out uncrowded waves, embracing the freedom to express our own style. 


If this sounds like you, welcome to the movement!

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Can You Review My Surf Products?

Probably… drop me a message with the details. 

Can I Write For The Free Surfer?

Sure! We’re always on the lookout for new writers and insights. If you’ve discovered a new spot or some awesome new gear, send in your review!

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