Surfing Caribbean

by Pascal

Surfing the Caribbean is as beautiful as you imagine it to be! But with a relatively short season, and a lot of the waves generated from wind, having classic sessions is not as frequent as in other parts of the world.

If you want to surf the Caribbean, you’ve got countless options. From the Caribbean coast of some of Central America’c countries like Costa Rica or Panama, to Colombia, and of course all the Islands.

The best, biggest and cleanest swells push in from the Atlantic during the winter months (December to March). Especially the Islands that are open to those swells are more or less consistent during this time of the year. Places like Barbados, Martinique or the Dominican Republic.

But there are a lot of ok wind swells produces in the Caribbean itself. These wind swells bring waves to coastlines that are not exposed to the Atlantic like the South Coast of the Dominican Republic, Cuba, or Jamaica.

So if you’re looking for a great get-away and a few waves with it, surfing the Caribbean could be a great option for you. Or you keep your eye on the forecast and fly there as soon as a good swell hits. You won’t be the only one doing that. And with Florida being so close, island hipping in search for waves is nothing new…