by Pascal

Africa, by the Europeans of the 19th century called “the dark continent”, and it actually still is.

There are many reasons why you could call is so. Look at its infrastructure, education or health care, to name just a few things. Or look at a night time map of Africa and compare it to the rest of the world. Another thing you can do, but shouldn’t, is to drive at night time. The only thing that is bright are the headlights of the big trucks. And with even streetlights in big cities being so dark, you can never tell how far these trucks are actually away, until they pass you and almost blow you from the road.

It’s the second biggest continent after Asia, but a has relatively short coastline. This is because the coastline is almost strait to big parts and a lack of embayments. This doesn’t change that there is a lot of surf, almost all around. As most of the coast is either Atlantic or Indian Ocean.

Some of the countries have a fair bit of tourism, including surf-tourism and that brings crowds in the water. But big parts are almost empty and ask to be explored.

As soon as you get away from the crowds, traveling becomes somewhat between more difficult and hard to do. Best to be prepared and have a good reliable 4×4 and everything you might need to survive for a while!

There are waves to be found pretty much all the way from the northern tip of Morocco on the Atlantic side, down around and up again to Somalia, the horn of Africa. You just need to know what you want and choose the country that fits it best. That can be a all inclusive surf camp in Morocco, or the possibility of being kidnapped by pirates in Somalia, and everything in between.

In Africa are so many different countries, so many i’d like to see and so many good waves, but I’ve seen just a bit so far.


Senegal/ The Gambia


South Africa