Central America

by Pascal
central america @thefreesurfer.com

central america @thefreesurfer.com



Central America is the isthmus that connects Mexico with Colombia. Depending how you look at continents or sub-continents, it’s actually part of North America or simply America. But for surfers, it’s somehow different. The waves here are generally super easy to surf, great quality and consistent during the long season. The winds are good if you come in the right time and it’s easy and cheap traveling. There are a lot of other things you can do here, the nature is amazing and the people are friendly.


It’s kind of the beginners Indonesia!


That does not mean that you can’t find some heavy or bigger waves, but most the places are easy to surf and forgiving. Many learned how to surf here and were disappointed or even disillusioned about there own surfing, after trying somewhere else.

Belize is south of the Mexican Yucatan-peninsula and the only english speaking country here. It has a strong caribbean culture, with a lot of reggae, but lack in waves.

Honduras has only a handful of surfspots on the caribbean side and nothing compare to the other countries and because of this gets skipped by many surftravelers. It has some great diving and impressive ruins, but it’s often called the most dangerous country in Central America. I’d say  it’s not as bad as its reputation.




El Salvador


Costa Rica