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To Surf Taghazout, Morocco is definitely not a new idea if it comes to winter get-aways.

Cheap and quick flights from all over Europe, relatively warm weather, and really consistent waves all winter long. This in a combination with delicious and healthy food, cheap living and an interesting culture, is for sure a surf trip high up on every surfer’s to-go list.


Taghazout is very close to Agadir, and only a few hours in a car from Marrakech. This gives you more time in the water, and less time traveling. And if you’re flying to Marrakech, you could think about a day or two in the craziness of this beautiful city to really experience the rush of this culture. Down in Taghazout, things are a bit slower and more relaxed.


Accommodations are easy to find. But as the options feel endless, it can be difficult to decide where to stay. It’s up to you: Surf camp, Hostel, Homestay or fancy Hotel. You can find it all.

Surf Taghazout ©

Taghazout with the surfspots Panoramas out front, Hash Point a bit up the coast, and Anchor Point at the very end, next to the palm trees.

Not only the options for places to stay and to eat are various. Same goes for surf spots. Most of them are relatively mellow, but live up to their names, if the right swell hits it. And that is something that happens regularly during the winter months.

As you probably already know, there are various breaks you can reach by foot to surf Taghazout. Some are very close, but to go to Killer Point, you walk around 40 minutes. And after surfing until you’re too tired to paddle, walking back home for more than half an hour can be pretty tough. Maybe better to organize yourself some transport. This can be driving around with taxis, or staying in a surf camp with surf guiding (or lessons). Or simply a rental car. Rental cars are unfortunately not as cheap as in other places (around 15-20$/day). But if you share it with some friends, it becomes reasonably cheap and comfortable.

Killer Point, La Source, Mysteries, Anchor Point, Hash Point, Panoramas and the beach break in Taghazout are the seven breaks considered to be “within” Taghazout.

The beach break is definitely not great but can be fun and a good place to learn. La Source offers short but good lefts and rights. All the other breaks are classic, long righthand points.

And if this is not enough, there are more righthander up and down the coast, plus a couple of beach breaks. Surf Taghazout and around, and find your personal favorite.

legzira ©

Most the waves here are mellow righthander pointbreaks. The famous ones are crowded, others are empty and waiting for you.

Another great thing about this area is the possibilities for the very big and very small days. 35 minutes to the North is Tamri. Not a wave to travel to Africa for, but if you’re here, and the ocean goes flat, you’ll probably find something surfable in Tamri.

One hour further up is Imsouane, that becomes interesting if the swell gets big. Imsouane is absolutely worth a trip, as the view from the top of the cliff is justifying enough do drive so far. At least if there is a proper swell.

Imsouane is a really fat and slow wave. Perfect if you’re still new to riding green waves. But with so many people who are looking for that kind of wave, don’t be surprised how crowded it gets! Even for Moroccan standards!

You can do it as a day trip, or stay in Imsouane for a few days. There are plenty of accommodations by now.

imsouane ©

Perfect day on both sides of Imsouane. Cathedral Point and the Bay

Another possibility if it gets too big for you, is to check the beach break in Agadir. It’s protected by the port and gets smaller the closer towards the port you go.

You see, surf Taghazout and you’ll find what you want.

Cheap accommodation and food, good weather, consistent waves, short and cheap flights… crowds… Yes, as Morocco seems to be what so many surfers are looking for, it does get crowded, incredibly crowded in fact! You can hold me responsible for this, as I write this article, I’ll take it as a compliment! Or you can accept the fact, that European Tourists/ Hippies came here in big numbers during the 70ties, and never stopped since. Thanks to this, the local people here are very used to tourism and learned not only the languages, but also to cater to the needs of (surf)tourists. At least to a certain point.


So if you can deal with the crowds and like to add one more person to the already full lineups, if you think your stomach can withstand the local kitchen and you can handle the cold mornings, and the sometimes pushy shop owners, book your flight!

Book your flight and you’re in for more tea than you think. For busy markets and great shopping. You’re in for healthy food, coffee, endless waves, and countless unreal sunsets!


cathedral point ©

Countless people, or just you and your friend…
And did I say countless unreal sunsets?



Morocco has it all. And it’s your decision if you make it a simple trip of wave-consumption or a great adventure. And there is nothing wrong with either one.



One more thing about the crowds… All the well knows spots are packed. But if you’re willing to get away from that, you can still find pretty good waves for your self, believe me.


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