by Pascal

tenerife hitchhikingEurope is considered the Old World as Acient Grece is the birth place of what we call Western culture. From here the Conquistadores went out to change the world for ever.

Europe is almost the size of Australia, but has around 50 countries. This makes traveling here really interesting, as a few hours in a car can change not only nature, but at the same time the language, culture, food, currency and much more. There is so much diversity so close together, public transport is good and fast and cheap flights are easy to find.

There is so much to see and to do in Europe, you could travel around here forever without getting bored. And of course there are all those events like: Oktoberfest, Pamplona bull run, countless great music festivals or something for every taste.

There are many jobs, a lot of seasonal work, where you can find something close to the beach and surf all summer long. From there, you can go to the mountains and have a winter of skiing and snowboarding, while working in a bar/restaurant, or what ever is needed.

As surfing got so popular in Europe, people surf where ever there is a ripple! You hear from people who surf in the Baltic Sea, of head high barrels in the Mediterranian Sea, or some good sessions in the Adria.

But of course more commen and more consistend is the Atlantic. Here you find waves from Gibraltar and Andalucia in Spain, (better known for windsurfing,) around Portugal, Northern Spain and France. But also in the UK and Skandinavia or Island.

Some of those places have warm weather/ water and more tourism, what makes the waves crowded, but easy to find a job. Other regions have little to no tourism but still great waves and not too many people to share them with.

Europe is awesome! It’s not the cheapest continent to go traveling, but one you shouldn’t miss. And as i told you, if you’re not lazy, it’s easy to find some work. Not only support your further trip, but found another one as well.


There are good waves in many different countries here, and i’ve surfed some of them. I’ll try to give you a few infos about a couple of them in the future. At the moment, you won’t find much here…