by Pascal

Call it what you want: Oceania, South Pacific Islands or simply paradise!

There are around twenty different countries here, all of them somehow different but a lot of similarities as well.

There are cheap flights from Australia and New Zealand to many of those islands, from every where else, it takes a lot of time and money to get there.

As they sit in the Pacific Ocean, the biggest of the seven seas, the surf is extremely powerful, the water warm and clear and crowds usually far away. The waves are often exclusive or you have to pay some money to a chief for the “use” of his reef.

Traveling here is not easy, if you want to travel cheap and/or like the locals. It becomes easy as soon as you have as much money as these islands have coconuts. In this case, you would be cruising around on your own yacht, or have people organizing everything for you. But this is not my budget, nor my style.


I haven’t seen a lot here and can’t tell you much, but let me tell you about that bit i have seen.