Surfing South America

by Pascal
Surfing South America. Infos, inputs and inspiration to book your flight



Surfing South America is a never-ending story!

South America was always an attractive continent to visit. It was in the late 15th and early 16th century when Europeans came here to find gold and other resources, stayed  and changed things for ever. Today, people probable don’t come in hope for gold, but it’s still a much visited corner of the earth.

Almost half of it is Brazil, where people speak Portuguese. All the other countries are Spanish spoken… almost.

There is surf all around. In the north, the Caribbean, the season is short, but in most other places, you’ll find waves all year round. To the North and East is the Atlantic Ocean and to the West, the Pacific.

Surfing South America became very popular and a big sport over the last years. For locals and visitors alike. If you stay in a city, or close to one, don’t be surprised if it’s crowded. Especially on the weekends, when people come from inland to enjoy their time in the water. But the coast line is long and so are the waves. Waves like Chicama in Peru, the maybe longest lefthander in the world. And as in most places, if you get away from the cities, you’ll find waves with only a few or no people in the water.

A lot of the places are extremely basic, but in the cities, you find all the comfort the word America makes you think of. And the same goes for prices. You can stay in expensive Hotels and eat in great restaurants, or share your room with cockroaches and mosquitoes, eat with the locals in the street and spend very little. And of course everything in between.

It helps a lot if you speak some Spanish/ Portuguese. Otherwise, you just stay in the gringo-places and this is not what you come here for. But it’s easy to pick up some words, as people are friendly and curious in general, and if you don’t start a conversation with a stranger, they probable will.

There is so much to see here, much more than only surfing South America. That’s why a lot of people who come here, spend many months exploring the continent. But you could spend the same amount of time here and just surf different places all the time.


I only saw a small bit of it so far, but love it