by Pascal




Is unbelievable expensive! and it’s far away from almost everywhere! The culture is really young and european, but much more rules and laws. Because of this, it’s probable not such a good place to travel, or because of this it is a great place to travel! as so often, it depends all on how you want to do it.

I wouldn’t go there for just a few weeks, as it is far, expensive to go there and expensive to be there. Plus it is too similar to Europe or the US, better to go to Asia, where you see and experience much more for your money.

BUT it is a great place to go for a first big trip, exactly for the same reasons. The cultur shock is not as big as in other corners of our planet, you can go and learn english, but you WILL meet also a lot of people who speak your mother thong. That can be both, a blessing and a curse.

For many nationalities it’s easy to get a “working holiday visa” that allows you to stay for one year (or two) and work. And as it is such a expensive country, the wage is high as well and you can easily found your further travels.

As this country is a continent, the distances are huge, better get used to it.

There is a lot of good surf on most of its coastlines, crowded close to cities, empty further away.

Even i spend a fair amount of time there, i haven’t seen too much.


Western Australia


New South Wales



I say the culture is young. I know about aboriginals and there culture, which is fascinating. BUT once you’re there and stick to the cities, you won’t see much of it, unfortunately. If you’re interested in it and want to know a bit more about this country and its past, read! there is a lot of good literature about, not just dry fact, but also novels that teach you a bit and some books that educate you while make you smile or even laugh.