North America

by Pascal




North America is not so easy to define. If you look at the Americas as two sub- continents, the northern part goes all the way to Colombia and includes Panama as the last country. But if you look at the Americas as three, Mexico is the last one and the rest is called Central America, what makes sense in my eyes.

With countries so big and so many people living here you find many differences from one place to another, from one country to another. BUT in most of those places, the people are big, and the food unhealthy. Most parts of it are highly developed, and people have good education, but this might change as soon as you cross a border and go somewhere spanish speaking.

Along all the coasts are some amazing waves to be found. Some of them are well known, and well…crowded, others are as good, but empty. As always, do the extra step and find your own wave, or share with everyone else. At least there is a lot to share.

There is surf in Canada, the probable best known place is Vancouver Island on the west coast, but there is more. But it’s freaking cold and i haven’t been there, not yet and not until i have a warmer wetsuit!

USA has surf on both sides, the Atlantic to the east and the Pacific on the west, plus of course Hawaii. BUT i haven’t been here either.

You’ll find also waves in the caribbean, at certain times of the year. But if you’re looking for  more consistent surf, still warm water and a cheap country, Mexico could be your North America destination.