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Surf travel tips, and everything surf-related that could be interesting for you.


I started this page to share my adventures from around the world with you.

Surf Magazines were an essential part during the beginning of my life as a surfer. I was living far away from the ocean. Being carried off to some exotic places by pictures of beautiful waves and the travel tales that came with them, didn’t only make me want to go and surf, but at the same time reminded me that there is so much out there waiting for us.

I always felt the urge to travel and see the world. But sometimes you can’t! Sometimes you stuck in a job, in a phase of your life when you can’t just go.

I was on a long surf travel and had time to learn something new. So I started 

As I travel with my camera, sharing my desire for the unknown, for waves and foreign cultures became a part of my trips. 

I hope I can make you go out there and chase after your own dreams! Big or small… and along the way, you might find some useful info here.



If you want to know who I am, and how I think, read the article on theInertia. It gives you a pretty good idea. And follow me on Facebook and Instagram to be up to date with my latest trips and page updates.