Winter surf trip

by Pascal
laredo sunset ©
laredo sunset winter surf trip ©

A mid winter surf trip is the best thing against the blues, too may gray days can give you! Sure, winter in Switzerland, or somewhere else, is beautiful. And a day up in the Alps in awesome! But sometimes we just feel like we need some sun, saltwater and a little winter surf trip…

Because of this, I always try to get away for a bit, whenever I spend that time of the year in Europe. And we don’t even have to fly far or spend a fortune to get a couple of waves and some beach days.

Here is a list of possible destinations for your winter surf trip. More to come…

And feel free to share your favorite place to escape winter?

Short haul winter surf trips

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

rocky point fuerteventura. Maybe on of the most famous winter surf trips? ©

Fuerteventura, with its North Shore. One of the Canary Islands, and known as Europe’s Hawaii


Perfect peak in El Palmar during my winter surf trip a few years ago

Andalusia, more than a retirement place for old British and Germans


senegal ©

Senegal, maybe the new Morocco? Or maybe a whole other world ? Find it out


surf taghazout killer point morocco. The winter surf trip everyone has done ©

Morocco, the perfect trip for all European surfer? Or maybe overrated and overcrowded?


Santa Barbara on Sao MIguel, Azores. Fun waves all year round ©

The Azores, worth to travel or only rain and wind all the time?


Long haul winter surf trips

if you need it to be warm enough, to surf in your Bikini or boardshorts during your winter surf trip, you’ll have to fly a bit further. But if you’ve got 2-3 weeks time, it might be worth it?

Sri Lanka

surfing Midigama Sri Lanka winter surf trip ©

Sri Lanka, everyone already went… Is there a good reason for it?


Tanjung Aan Bay, South Lombok. Some of the best waves during winter in indonesia

Is Lombok the new Bali? Or is it only heavy waves? Is it even fun?