Bukit Lawang Jungle Trek and Orangutans

by Pascal
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orang utan bukit lawang @thefreesurfer.com


orang utan bukit lawang @thefreesurfer.com


Why would I go to Bukit Lawang? Why trekking in the jungle?

I love surfing. I can go on a trip, and just surf all the time, without even feeling like I miss out on something else… Well… almost.

At some stage I realized, doesn’t matter how much I enjoy being in the water, it became somewhat normal to me. Nothing wrong with that. But if I find myself in an unknown environment, I might get a much more memorable overall picture from that place or country, if I do more than just paddle, take off, surf and wipe out.

So I try to do and see more than just beaches and waves.

Being in Indonesia, there are not only countless perfect waves to surf, but at the same time, countless other things to do. Obviously I knew that when I was in Nias a few years ago, and looked into other Sumatra-adventures. It didn’t take long until I stumbled across jungle trekking in Bukit Lawang. It looked interesting, but I didn’t go. Fortunately I went this time.

Here are my 3 days in the Jungle in 27 pictures.


I hope you enjoy the pictures. And if you feel inspired to do the same trip, you’ll find more infos about Bukit Lawang in the pictures captions.


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Thomas Bukit Lawang April 2, 2022 - 5:18 pm

Thank you so much for your sharing, Your post si very informative.


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