Surf Kids Club Meddawatta

by Pascal
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Surf Kids Club Meddawatta ©


Meddawatta, and the priceless smiles you’ll be paid with

Surf Kids Club Meddawatta ©


A couple of weeks ago, I saw a post on Facebook about my favorite Surfshop, . They were collecting used surf gear, such as boardshorts and lycra-shirts for a Kids Surf Club in Sri Lanka.

As I was in Sri Lanka anyways, I got in touch with them, and they invited me to join the Surf Club for a day, to see what they do.

“The idea behind the Surf Club is, to give something back”,  says Kathi, the founder of the project. ” We live here and run a Surfcamp. We choose the South of Sri Lanka to be our home, and if we can teach some of the local kids how to swim and share the stoke of surfing with them, we’re more then happy!”

If you think this sounds interesting and you would like to get involved in one way or another

just contact the Surf Kids Club Meddawatta through Facebook.

For me it was a fun day and beautiful to see all those excited and happy kids. But just have a look at the pictures and see it for yourself.

And of course, once the kids are tired and hapy to go home, you have a chat, a coffee, and a surf for yourself. Beautiful area, and a couple of interesting things to explore close by.

Meddawatta, we will meet again.





If you like some of the pictures, or find yourself on one of them, feel free to share them on Facebook or where ever. Please respect them as they are, and don’t take the watermark out. Sharing my page is of course also more then welcome. And if you would like some of the pictures in better quality, contact me, we sure can do something…








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