“Archipel der Wellen” by Stefan Götzelmann. A book review

by Pascal
Archipel der Wellen ©thefreesurfer.com
Archipel der Wellen ©thefreesurfer.com

Archipel der Wellen is a declaration of love for Indonesia, it’s people and of course, it’s waves.

To me, one of the biggest difficulties, if it comes to writing about surfing, is to manage the split between writing for surfers and non-surfers. Stefan Götzelmann never tried to do this split. He published a book for wave enthusiasts and Indo-lovers who understand and comprehend what he has to say. Nothing more and nothing less.

And this is what makes ” Archipel der Wellen” so unique!

Especially if you’ve been to Indonesia and went surfing beyond Canggu and Medewi. If you’ve hopped over to another island and experienced the “real” Indo outside of Bali. Then you can relate to the stories in this book, no doubt! And if you haven’t, I’m sure you want to so!

archipel der wellen ©thefreesurfer.com

“Archipel der Wellen” takes you on a journey from Sumatra and it’s offshore islands, down to Bali, Lombok and the islands further east.

Plus all the way to some remote areas on the Pacific side of this archipelago. From camping in the woods to the biggest and heaviest waves in the recent history of Nias. Fights over a few Rupees or lost business opportunities. Broken scooters, unimaginable hospitality, countless smiles, and reef cuts. Empty line ups, pictures shot with a drone, guys getting barreled, and dense jungle.

archipel der wellen ©thefreesurfer.com

The book is entirely written in German. But the pictures speak a universal language. And even more so for those, who share the never-ending love for Indonesia.

The better you know this country, the more you’ll find yourself in those tales!

A must-have for every Indo lover, wave searcher, and appreciator of beautiful pictures of even more beautiful waves…

Check out his online shop and order Archipel der Wellen here.

archipel der wellen ©thefreesurfer.com

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